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Running Hike @ Ringwood State Park
* * * Definitely not for the faint of heart! * * * This day, we're going to put on our backpacks and our running shoes and hike up, down and through the hills of Ringwood at a jogging pace. As we come across obstacles -- boulders, fallen trees, streams, thickets and maybe even Big Foot himself -- we will be climbing, ducking, jumping, crawling and tumbling our way around them. Consider this a forest-grade obstacle course that will heighten your senses and push your limits. After the hike, we'll head over to Giant Farmer's Market in Oakland for some food and relaxation. * * * Definitely not for the faint of heart! * * * DIRECTIONS: If you're using a GPS, point it at 1304 Sloatsburg Road, Ringwood, NJ. TO FIND US: We'll meet in the parking lot. I suggest you message us in advance through Meetup so we can exchange contact information. NOTES: Water: No water fountains in the area; bring a bottle. Snack: Something to keep your energy levels up; a banana, some nuts or something along those lines. Clothes: Dress in comfortable gym attire. Make sure it's something you're willing to get dirty. You may want to bring shorts or wear them underneath, as you will get hot after we start moving. Jewelry: Leave jewelry at home, especially rings, which tend to get snagged on things and cause nasty finger injuries. Towel: Bring one to put down on the seat for the ride home. Between sweat and dirt, your car will thank you. Sunscreen and/or brimmed hat: Highly recommend you wear both. Pre-mature aging is no fun! Weather: It can be unpredictable and absolutely affects our outdoor workouts. PLEASE check this page and (if you are RSVPed) your email prior to leaving the house. If weather is too iffy to cancel early, we may cancel it up to 1 hour before it starts, so be alert! Être fort pour être utile...."Be strong to be useful (" - D.A. & Gary

Ringwood Manor

1304 Sloatsburg Road · Ringwood, NJ

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    In a world where physicality has been minimized and our animal nature rejected, our health - both physical and mental - suffers.

    Think of a time when we humans lived in nature -- a time before cities, cars, processed food and the Internet.

    If you had to lift a boulder, it did not have handles to make itself easier to lift. If you had to climb a tree, it did not come with a ladder to make the ascent easier. If you accidentally came between an angry bear and her cub, there was no referee with a whistle ready to yell "Time out!"

    Your body had to be strong in order to complete a multitude of tasks, each with their own requirements: some called for flexibility, others called for speed, others for strength, stamina, agility or balance.

    - This is what we train for -

    To be ready for any challenge that life throws our way.

    In the modern world our challenges are more likely to be things like a natural disaster, an out of control crowd or perhaps even a car skidding off the road into an embankment.

    You never know when you'll be called to rise to the occasion, but you can be ready for whatever situation life presents you with.

    "Be strong to be useful."

    It's not just a motto, it's a lifestyle.

    P.S. This video will give you an idea of what kind of monkey business we get into with our workouts.

    We workout all year long. Because life never takes a break, neither do we. We do not take winters off. The only thing that keeps us indoors is when it's actively raining or snowing.

    * * * IS THIS GROUP REALLY FOR ME? * * *

    If you are not sure you can keep up with the group, make sure you can complete the following baseline exercises within a single 5 minute period:

    2 (females) / 5 (males) pull ups ( ( ups ( (this is the only exercise where we have different male/female requirements)

    10 dips ( (using parallel bars)

    10 pushups (

    25 squats (no added weight, bodyweight only)

    50 jumping jacks (

    sprint 1 block (the long side; roughly 200 yards or 600 feet)*

    your burning desire to be better tomorrow than you are today!

    * You can use ( Google Maps to measure distance.

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