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More cat than dog? More Daria than Quinn? Prefer a solo trip to a quiet museum to a group-trip to the loud mall? If you're that mom/dad at the typical playdate standing in the corner, reading a book, etc. thinking "Oh boy, what did I get myself into", you belong here. Our babies/toddler/kids can play together while we either talk, (or don't!) We're not antisocial, but feel more comfortable on our own. Our kids may not be introverts themselves, so we generally agree that it's good for them to socialize and play with others if they want to. We can meet at Boston/Metro-West area parks, libraries, kids’ play areas, and attend free events, do arts and crafts, etc. If we feel like socializing with no pressure to be super-outgoing, we can have parents’-night-outs too. So... if you want to join a parent's group, but dread the inevitable small talk, gossip, etc. If you want a fellow parent to talk to for some support, but don’t feel like having to be ultra-social on a continuing basis, or if you ever feel judged or out of place a standard parents'/playgroups… This group is for you. ALL are welcome. Discrimination/hate of any parenting choice or lifestyle will not be tolerated, (everyone is safe here.)

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