What we're about

The group will meet weekly with fun events from wine tasting, yoga, international restaurants, networking and more. We will focus on meeting new people and developing into friendships. We will also have events that check off things on our bucket lists. I would like everyone to have input and welcome new ideas.
Fun trips based on different themes or adventures will be discussed as well.

Upcoming events (2)

Wine tasting... intro to whites and reds!
Needs a date and time

d.vine fine wines

A different style of wine tasting. Instead of just tasting we will learn the differences between different styles of wine. why is a riesling different from a chardonnay? What role does sugar content play. Food pairings and more.

We will also have a similar event Intro to reds. I'm working with the owner of d.vine fine wines of Livonia on a date and pricing right now. Tuesdays are a bad day for them and they are closed Mondays. Lets hear some feedback on the best day. Space will be limited and the price should be in the $25 range. More info to come.

Fitness camp. Stay for a weekend or all week
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Like myself many of us are out of shape and have a goal of doing something about it. I propose a weekend or weeklong fitness camp. I'm looking for a place where there are cabins, a lake, swimming, biking, walking or jogging trails, and more. You will have the choice of how many days and we'll work out pricing based on that. We will have a week of fun, healthy activities with healthy eating. We can have a campfire every night and maybe a ghost story challenge. Who can come up with the best ghost story.
Some possibilities here are waverunners, (depending on the place we go to) learn to sail, fishing, cards and other night activities. Maybe a scavenger hunt. Date and place to be determined. Give me some feedback here members.

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