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This is a group for loving and caring singles looking for a long term relationship. This group was started because even though there are a ton of dating groups, most of them seem to be geared towards casual dating. The emphasis in this group is trying to get people together who are looking for a long term relationship and more than just a one night stand or casual dating. This group is for the singles who have a lot of love to share, but are often overshadowed by the loud, obnoxious, often drunk singles, who are out just to have a night of fun. Meetups will be setup at locations where the group can talk and get to know each other. Some of the Meetups will be in locations that serve alcohol, but the group wants to know who you are and not your alter ego while you are drunk. So, please drink in moderation. Please feel free to recommend Meetup locations and come as you are, dropping your masks at the door. Together we can create a world full of love, care, joy and respect, starting one relationship at a time.

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Hines park

Hines Park

Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks 325

Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks 325

fly a kite

Elementry school

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