What we're about

So you want to be a screenwriter? Or maybe you want to fine-tune your craft? Perhaps you just want to shake your creativity cookie jar and see what crumbles out? Well, here's the plan: This group is aimed at beginner and intermediate screenwriters. The main purpose is to help its member develop a working knowledge of the screenwriting process.

1. As a group we will select a short story in public domain, to use in writing short film adaptation script (10-15 minutes).

2. As a group we will develop the story board for it and identify the main scenes.

3. Each member will then write a version of the scene, focusing on visual language and format.

4. As a group we will agree on what elements to use from all the member's ideas to write the final draft for that scene. Rinse and repeat for each following scene...

5. Once we have the entire script written, as a group we will submit it to one of the many film festivals that accept screenplay entries and feedback. I'm familiar with Screamfest because I love horror films, but we certainly don't have to stick to that.

That will conclude the group's life cycle. It will give us a specific goal with an actual due date (probably in late 2019 when the festivals usually take place) to drive the group's tempo and momentum.

If we win, woohoo!!! We throw a party for ourselves with our bounty! If we don't...Well, we each walk away better screenwriters having seen through a complete script from start to finish. Who knows...maybe we'll even make a like-minded friend or two :)


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