What we're about

MetroWest T'ai Chi holds more than a dozen weekly classes and other gatherings at a variety of locations in Framingham and surrounding towns (Natick, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston and Wellesley). Classes in both Traditional T'ai Chi style (Yang-37 or Cheng Man-Ching) and T'ai Chi for Better Balance are offered.

T'ai Chi for Better Balance is a program of simplified and easily repeated movements that are easier to follow along with and easier to learn. The simplicity of these movements allows us to focus on the elements of T'ai Chi that benefit our balance. While the focus of the classes is on balance, we also delve into some of the deeper aspects and philosophies of T'ai Chi.

Traditional T'ai Chi is "choreographed" routine of movements that are more dynamic and complex than the T'ai Chi for Better Balance program. While it is more challenging to learn and requires a greater dedication, the Traditional T'ai Chi offers greater rewards such as a deeper meditative experience, a greater sense of flow and fluidity, as well as a variety of other benefits inherent in T'ai Chi practice.

All classes have a lighthearted atmosphere and interaction is encouraged. All classes are open to anyone, however some more advanced classes will be better suited to those who have previously taken some of these T'ai Chi classes. Depending on location, some classes require registration while others are drop-in style.

Classes are taught by Jon Woodward unless otherwise noted. (A couple classes are lead by Jon, but actively taught by assistants.) Jon has more than 34 years of T'ai Chi experience and has been actively and joyfully teaching T'ai Chi for more than eight years.

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