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Hi everyone, I will be running workshops, lessons and groups to cover as many crafts as I can from sewing, knitting, crochet, crochet doll making, learning to sew, recycling and up cycling your clothing and soft furnishings, how to make use of fabrics and woollens to create something new so you don't have to throw them away ... turning your old favourites into new pieces, costume making , make up and hair braiding at festival times of the year. My crochet designs and some of my sewn designs will be available soon in the form of patterns for the first time and I will be having workshops to teach you how to make my designs for yourself. How to crochet and knit lessons to get you started and then lessons to start creating your own things so you can progress from a beginners scalf perhaps and keep going onto more difficult designs. I can help you create your own designs in simple sewing and crochet pieces. Dreamcatchers are another fun creation as are hair feather pieces and make lovely gifts as do giant knitting needles I can show you how to make and Im hoping with any run up times to special seasons we can run workshops to create cards, wrapping paper out of fabric and decorations. To be completely honest my shop on the beach is wonderful but does suffer from very low footfall in the winter months so I am creating the crafty club to come up with other ways to bring in business in the quiet times. I love teaching these crafts so Im very much hoping to keep the shop alive in these difficult retail times by running these lessons and workshops. I also hold a diploma/certificate in creative therapy so will also be offering one to one creative therapy slots for anyone looking for a bit of time out finding the powerful mindfulness of creativity. Finding the very special to you thing that heals mind body and soul . The fun and therapy comes from finding the thing that relaxes you and the realisation there are no rules in creativity and just how much it can be a stress buster is quite an amazing find. So I hope to help crafty people learn , beginners at crafty stuff find their thing and create a space that brings all these needs together in one. We have a lovely cafe on the beach here that sell lush ice cream, waffles, hot chocolate and savoury yummies we can have delivered at break times or to pop into before or after some creative crafty times . I hope you will join me in this new venture for my winters on the beach to enjoy with you all. With a bit of luck we can sit outside on the beach on warmer days..... I am deeply supportive of the importance to challenge and break down the barriers regarding mental health, loneliness and for communities to reach out to others who they would not usually spend time with . All sessions will be open to everyone and where needed I will help find funding if I can for those who need extra help. Ive no idea how to do this so please be patient while I figure out how to raise funds to ensure everyone can access what I am trying to do. It may not be possible immediately but it is one of my aims to achieve this. I would also love to partner up with schools and old people so we can bring the generations together. So often the craft skills are lost In time and not being passed on so this would be wonderful to share also. Whilst it is essential I keep my business afloat by running classes, selling craft supplies etc, it would be lovely to establish groups that don't require any payment. Hopefully all will come in time.

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