(CS)2AI Online: How to Remote Access into Industrial Environments the Right Way

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The past year has seen a tremendous increase in remote work, but control system operators and administrators have long been required to monitor and manage networks of industrial, automation, and mechanical equipment in distant locations. Recent events such as the Oldman water treatment facility incident in Florida have highlighted the importance of ensuring that this essential capability is not used by threat actors as an attack vector.

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Join the discussion with cybersecurity veterans Pascal Ackerman and Clint Bodungen as they dive into the troublesome question of how to SECURELY provide access into critical control systems. Together they will:

- Discuss went wrong with the Florida water treatment facility
- Explain how this could have been prevented
o Discuss proper architecture
o Discuss password policies
o Discuss separation of duties/access/authorization
o Discuss the importance of monitoring/logging/detection
o Present elements of a secure-by-design network:
 Segmentation
 Monitoring

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