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We are very excited to have Brent Huston joining us again. Brent's a 30-year plus security researcher, inventor and evangelist and has worked many amazing projects in highly exclusive and restricted environments. Join us this time as he dives into the control system technologies underlying the 24x265 operations of that linchpin of modern logistics, the robotic warehouse.

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Description: Robotic warehousing may not be the first thing we think of when discussing industrial control systems. However, modern automated warehousing is a myriad of different IT and OT technologies that combine to create a robust business solution at an immense scale. In this case study discussion, cyber security veteran Brent Huston will discuss how information security frameworks, technical analysis, machine learning and proper application of risk management techniques led to a successful implementation. We’ll discuss how the project unfolded, some of the significant challenges and lessons learned. We’ll also discuss what it sounds like when robots smash into each other at high speeds and how difficult root cause analysis can be in a complex environment.

Discussion Leader: Brent Huston is an entrepreneur, Inventor & Futurist with a focus on crime, fraud & industrial espionage and keen interest in the impacts of technology across these activities. He's the CEO of MicroSolved, Chief Enlightenment Officer of Bodhi Foundry, and a Principal at Digital Lizard. A widely-recognized cyber security speaker and author, he is also a (CS)2AI Founding Fellow. More at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lbhuston/

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