Do you see humanity solely as a human entity?


November's topic will be conducted by Brother Danys Bartell-Guerra on a study of Freemasonry: Do you see humanity solely as a human entity?

After a short lecture, a discussion and debate by the group will follow.

This question''s answer will vary according to our view on life and death. If we see humanity solely as a physical entity, then an organ transplant would be compared to the replacement of a part pertaining to a device that no longer works, such as replacing a cell phone battery. If we, however, see humans as the carrier of our soul or consciousness, sparkle of life, then our organs are karmically fashioned and contain an inner aspect related to our individuality.

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The Masonic Philosophical Society embraces the concept of learning, not for school, but for life, and believes that all men, who seek it, deserve access to continued education. We further embrace the concept of a community environment, where ideas can be shared and debated in an open forum. From the seven liberal arts to the arcane, we seek to gain and to share the knowledge that is the legacy of mankind.

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