What we're about


This Meetup brings people together through live experiences. You will find like-minded and compassionate people on your next adventure. Our only requirement is that you are a fun, go-with-the-flow type of person with a passion for exploring new places.

☀ We'll be able to meet like-minded people and perhaps build long-lasting friendships!

Group leaders schedule events and members contact us to schedule events. Our goal is to create long-lasting friendships, one journey at a time with people who like you, have a passion for fun activities. This group will offer you unique experiences. So let's get together and have lots of FUN!

Do you enjoy traveling, cruising, weekend getaways, meeting new people, adventurous activities, concerts, dinners, movies & having fun with other group members?

Any age, race, or sex is welcome and there is no cost to join! We will plan our trips far enough in advance with reasonably priced itineraries to make it possible to join us as we explore new destinations.

# 1 FUN Friends ❤ TRAVEL ✈ Dine ☀ Comedy ❀ Dance ☆ Concerts ♡ ✮✮✮✮✮ is a S. Florida group that includes singles and couples. Members can join an exciting event, meet other members to do exciting and adventurous things + travel and even become friends.

If you want to do something new & would like others to join you, you can suggest an event! Any type of event throughout S. Florida can be considered. Day trips, overnight trips, and vacations outside of S. Florida are welcome as well.

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