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Calling all Personal Development Junkies and Self Actualizers!


Jim Rohn once said you are the 5 most people you spend the most time with. Here's a place to connect with and network with like-minded self-actualizers. A place for you to meet like-minded human beings who are in the process of going to the next level in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please use the list below to contemplate and self-qualify yourself as to whether or not this is the Group for you, I am more interested in getting quality not quantity in this group as I am sure you are too! There is no judgement here; however, it is important to be honest with yourself. <3

You’re interested in surrounding yourself with high quality human beings that are leaders not victims.

You have a growth mindset, and know that you can change the trajectory of your life by pursuing that which is difficult.

You’re interested in surrounding yourself with fundamentally healthy people i.e. physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health.

You’re interested in working with human beings who are lifelong learners, who are humble, and know that everyone has some kernel of truth that will benefit your life in some capacity.

You are not willing to settle for less than what you can become and what you can achieve.

If you are interested in deep lasting transformation, not just surface level fixes.

You are someone that takes action.

You are mindful of not taking advantage of or manipulating fellow human beings to benefit your selfish desires-you are interested in symbiotic interdependent relationships where the relationship equals more than the sum of the parts.

Interested in becoming the most capable, loving, courageous, compassionate human being you can be.

If you know you can go beyond the sky, because it is not the limit.

We'll meet once a Month at Tap 42 in Coral Gables.

Much Love

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