What we're about

This is a series of practical spiritual Meetups to unfold the good, kind, loving being you are. It's going beyond standard intellectual information to an expanded awareness of your beingness. You will feel a sense of being on the road to less fear. The more you clarify and do what you are here to do, the more you experience inner fulfillment. It's for anyone who feels there is more than just the physical world and existence.

This Meetup is not promoting any particular dogmas or outer beliefs. It's about clarifying more your unique beingness and finding how you can shine this forward in your life. It's being involved in the world and helping others, but avoiding situations that do not fit with your life purpose. It's also about opening doors to your inner spiritual sensitivity, your innate sensitivity, to be in the right place at the right time and tuning into your inner guidance and higher inspiration.

This includes Meetups here, such as the Miami Intuitive Development Meetup - [url=http://psychics.meetup.com/255/] i.e. unfolding the intuitive abilities is the key to inner or spiritual communication (sometimes these are held together). See related Meetups by clicking on Photos on top left side of this page. Below is more information on this.

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