How to Manage a Remote Team in a Post-COVID World (Online Event)

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Remote work is no longer the future, it is here. On this live online event, you can learn the best practices for managing a remote team from Liza Rodewald, the CEO of Instant Teams, a fast-growing company that has been remote since day one. Join this interactive event where we will discuss specific tactics for managing remote employees, strengthening your remote culture, developing policies for a new remote world, and more.

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Liza Rodewald is the Founder and CEO of Instant Teams, a technology platform that enables companies to create and manage remote customer success teams powered by a global workforce of military spouses. Instant Teams is an Alumni of the Washington DC and Silicon Valley Founder Institute programs, and CEO Liza Rodewald is a 4x entrepreneur and software engineer with over 16 years of technical experience. She has built multi-million dollar enterprise software for government and healthcare industries. Her passion for entrepreneurship came from her desire to have a more flexible lifestyle and led her to advocate and shape the future of work for companies and workers.

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