Know Your Tools: Git Internals

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Git is the most popular version control system around today. Almost everyone working in software today has touched it either at work or through Github.

In this talk we’re going to pull back the curtain and show the levers of Git repos by building a git repository from scratch! You’ll learn how git creates commits and commit history, and deepen your understanding of how Git works.

All skill levels welcome. Knowing what Git is is helpful, but not necessary.

About the speaker

Camilo rose from the swamps of South Florida, where he taught the alligators PHP and Vim. He traveled the Sahara with the Tuaregs of Morocco, and found the SOLID design principles etched into glass beneath the sands. He then moved from Miami to Chattanooga, to teach what he could, and receive the wisdom of the ascetic programmers of Appalachia. Whether or not Camilo received a Computer Science degree from Florida International University remains a hotly contested debate among his biographers, critics, and acolytes.