1 Day Cover & Concealment Shooting Intensive Clinic/Course ($199)



You may have taken a concealed carry permit course already - which are usually between two to four hours long. Those courses are designed to give you a basic understanding of firearms and a quick summary of the important laws behind carrying a gun. Those classes are fine for the purpose they serve - which is meeting the legal training requirement to exercise your right to carry a gun.

However... average concealed carry permit classes are NOT designed to have you walk away ready to defend yourself. Any instructor conducting such a course will tell you that. Those types of classes are simply an introduction.

The 1 Day Cover & Concealment Intensive Shooting Clinic coming up in Miami is designed to provide a very real forward step into being more ready to have to use your firearm in a real situation by teaching you how to use cover and concealment as a defensive shooting strategy.

What makes the 1 Day Cover & Concealment Intensive Shooting Clinic different? Here are some of the skills we will be covering in the 8 hour, one day intensive training:

• How to properly draw your pistol from behind cover & concealment
• Differences between cover & concealment
• When to use cover & concealment
• Different strategies, concepts, techniques for using cover & concealment
• Moving to and from cover and concealment
• How to shoot from behind cover/concealment
• How to shoot from strong side cover
• How to shoot from weak side cover
• How to shoot from low cover
• How to reload from cover & concealment
• How to shoot from advanced shooting positions such as kneeling from behind cover/concealment or prone
• An in-depth one hour presentation on everything you need to know about cover and concealment
• And more! I forgot to mention we'll be shooting between 200 to 300 rounds from behind cover and concealment and shooting steel targets as well as paper :)

I plan on keeping the class size small... about 10 students - and with a team of 2 to 3 certified instructors. This is so that all the students can get lots of attention, giving the class a private lesson feel.

This class is for beginners and experienced shooters alike. If you have never shot a gun before, this class is the perfect introduction to firearms for anyone serious about self-defense. If you have shot guns before but the majority of your training has been standing and shooting at paper targets at the range - then this class will take you to the next level of preparedness for a self-defense situation.

The price for this course is going to be $199. If you do not have a concealed carry permit, this class does meet the State of Florida training requirements as a concealed carry permit class. With the certificate from this course, you can apply for your permit.

If you would like more information about the class, please contact me at my email ([masked]) with your name and phone number, thank you.


Kevin Perez