What we're about

1. Regular events where your Dachshund can meet other Dachshunds.
2. Getting advice about the care of your Dachshund.
3. A place to assist you if you must give up your Dachshund.
4. A place to find a rescue Dachshund.
5. End-of-life help.
6. A place to find support when you lose your beloved Dachshund.
7. A place to just have fun sharing stories about your Dachshund(s).

Past events (6)

Frankenmuth meetup - 9/19/21 at 2pm

Frankenmuth River Place Shops

Doxie meetup at Partridge Creek August 22nd at 2pm

Online event

Next Meetup: July 25th at 2pm at Marshbanks

Online event

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