What we're about

The group is for anyone interested on Global affairs, that includes;

• Sociological

• Economical

• Healthcare (thanks Jacqueline!)

• Political

• Enforcement

• Environmental

The aim is to have healthy discussions and even unbiased presentations on topics related to the international arena. Samples of topics could be Brexit's implications, Russia in the global stage, Syria's war, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Pakistan, China's sea ambitions, the future of the European Union, Africa's economical growth, South America's political changes, etc.

We always should respect all ideologies, let alone its participants; Yet, be prepare to defend yours with coherent arguments and/or facts.

We'll welcome also those interested in the topic, even with little or none knowledge on it. You'll be actually surprise how much you know from your personal experience in life and how to extrapolate it to the global context... you're welcome always!

The overall objective is to get out from each meeting much more informed that we came in.

RSVPs are NOT required for attendance, nevertheless they may be helpful in situations like changing venue in the last minute or even cancellations.


In the global affairs, US is a mayor player but we should refrain from discussing US issues alone, specially if it does not affect the world scene overall. There are groups more specific for American affairs if interested more on it. Certainly I enjoy those as well!

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