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FREE Saturday Evening Ann Arbor Photowalk and Photo Scavenger hunt

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Congrats! You have a new camera! Now what? At first, it can all seem so confusing ...shutter speeds, apertures, white balance, composition, etc... Where to begin? How to proceed? Is my gear good enough? Do I need to buy anything else? Where and what should I shoot? The questions can be overwhelming! I have found that one of the best and fastest ways to learn is to get out in the field with someone that knows what they're doing and to observe them in action, mimic their techniques and ask lots of questions. Saturday Evening Photowalks aim to provide that experience in a small group setting. Join professional photographer Thomas Nighswander for a fun and informative stroll in a variety of interesting locations right in Ann Arbor and get to know your camera inside and out. Bring your camera, a tripod if you have one, and your camera manual. I know, reading a camera manual can be torture...But they really do contain important information and can help Thomas help you get started the right way! Each monthly Photowalk will last approximately two hours and is limited to a small number of new photographers. By keeping the size small, we're able to keep track of what each of us is seeing and shooting and our discussions can be shared by all in attendance. Thomas will get you off the "auto" and "scene" modes and have you making truly creative photos in no time at all! Our philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible...By eliminating the distractions that needn't be worried about, you'll be free to concentrate on those things that do matter! Join Thomas Saturday evening and get started making beautiful photos!