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Learn about and build our own Mining RIGS!

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Needs a date and time

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I don't know if there is a better way to gauge interest in this since I'm sort of new to but here it goes:

One thing I have always wanted to get a better understanding of and more hands on experience is creating and maintaining a (potentially) profitable mining rig. It would be interesting to see if we can get a group of people that meet up once or twice a month with the sole purpose of learning how to build and operate your own at home mining rig, share ideas, build rigs, swap gear, have mining competitions, and stay current on the latest market trends of various crypto currencies and the profitability of mining them.

If this is something you think you would be interested then leave some comments on the event wall and we can come to a consensus of when and where the first meet up should be! No matter if you are an IT Crypto Currency Guru or just some guy who likes the idea of owning a computer the generates digital money while you sleep, join in the discussion and let’s see how much we can mine by this time next year!