Leadership team

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    Joined Mar 26, 2015
    Bitcoin enthusiast and peace and liberty advocate.
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    Joined Jul 30, 2014
    I am a believer in distributed blockchain technology. I want to make Bitcoin a positive part of the community, raise awareness, and raise adoption.
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    Joined Jul 18, 2014
    Hello! My name is Kyle and I live in Grand Rapids. As an economist with libertarian politics, I'm very intrigued by Bitcoins and want to learn as much as possible.
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    Joined Jun 5, 2014
    N&P Bitcoin Consulting LLC is a privately held company started in 2014. Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, N&P’s mission is to improve communities and the world through Bitcoin.
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    Joined May 14, 2014
    Management consultant by day. Crypto enthusiast and growth hacker by night. Michigan Ross MBA.
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    Joined Apr 16, 2014
    PhD student at Central
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    Joined Mar 11, 2014
    Software guy, DJ
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    Joined Jan 29, 2014
    Learning more about Crypto and Mining
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    Joined Aug 26, 2013
    Cryptocurrency evangelist since 2013. Angel investor.
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    Joined Jun 13, 2013
    I'm Katie. I'm an advocate at the Michigan Peace & Liberty Coalition and I like bitcoin.
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    Joined May 17, 2013
    Hello fellow crypto enthusiasts. I decided to join the group to meet people in the local community who don't look at me like I'm crazy when I try to have a conversation about crypto currency. Also interested in potential business partnerships.
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    Joined Mar 12, 2013
    My name is Kinnard, I dropped out of school to change the meaning of money. I run a bitcoin exchange called bitbox. www.BitBox.mx . . . and I started Michigan Bitcoiners :)