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Our purpose is to share best practices for trading the futures and options markets. We welcome all traders, from beginner to advanced. Every event will be focused, educational, and highly interactive. All will be hosted by myself or a professional trader colleague.

For the foreseeable future, this Meetup will be virtual, hosted in ZOOM sessions. Feel free to share the meeting link with friends.

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Mike Siewruk, Organizer

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7 Top Risk Management Rules

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It’s common knowledge in the trading world that having a rules-based trading plan is superior to opinion, intuition and discretionary decisions. The catch is… does your plan have an edge? If not, you’re no better off, maybe worse. This tenet applies regardless of the market you trade… stocks, options, futures, forex or cryptos. So how do you find edge? Many trading platforms offer the ability to back-test your trading rules to determine if they had an edge historically. But that is only the start. Successful back-tested trading plans can and frequently do fail miserably in the future. The best way I’ve found to validate your trading rules is by having a forward-looking model. Here’s the 3-step process I follow: 1. Create a daily plan (forecast) based on a combination of technical, fundamental and sentiment information. 2. Capture the results of every trade afterward logging dozens of relevant data points for each trade setup. 3. Mine your database for edge going forward. I’ve followed this process for the S&P Futures contract for over 5 years capturing over 33 data points on 6700+ trade setups. This forward-looking body of evidence has uncovered 7 Top Risk Management Rules that I’d like to share with you in our upcoming ZOOM Meetup. Here’s the details: When: Wednesday July 15th @ 8 pm EDT Register Now: https://www.thedailymarketforecast.com/pl/196112 I’m looking forward to “seeing” you then, Mike Siewruk

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"Why Trade Futures?"

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