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Instead of going on exotic foreign adventures, why not go on a micro adventure?

Get outside, get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere you’ve never been.
A microadventure is close to home, cheap, simple, short, and yet very effective.

You do not need to fly to the other side of the planet to do an expedition.
You do not need to be an elite athlete, expertly trained, or rich to have an adventure.

Adventure is only a state of mind.
Adventure is stretching yourself; mentally, physically or culturally. It is about doing what you do not normally do, pushing yourself hard and doing it to the best of your ability.

And if that is true then adventure is all around us, at all times. Even during hard financial times such as these.
Times when getting out into the wild are more enjoyable, invigorating and important than ever.

Explore Holland, and join us in our search of more short, interesting, rewarding adventures right here on our doorstep.

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Middelburg-Spijkenisse (previously: Dutch storm cycling experience!)

UPDATE: This cycling event has been waiting for several years, but now it will actually happen, although in slightly different form. We will not wait for storm and jump in last-minute, we will do a very nice planned cycling trip of circa 70km from Middelburg (train station) to Spijkenisse (train station) instead. Plenty of sea, dunes and charming towns and impressive dykes on this trip. And, if we are lucky, we will have a storm with us (SW to NE is the dominant wind direction!). We gather at Middelburg train station and go Northeast from there. I will look into the best cycling routes; the one I marked is circa 70km, if we follow the dunes and coastline a bit more at some points it will be a bit longer (all flexible and customizable as far as I am concerned). If the route is not enough for you, you can keep cycling to Rotterdam. Mind that there are no train station halfway the trip. So far over the past years 36 members subscribed, but there was no date nor a route/location. Now that there is, please check, and then confirm or cancel your participation. Hope to see many of you then! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ OLD EVENT TEXT: Recently we had a heroic cycling trip with the wind trying to blow us back where we came from. Let's now plan a trip at a day with a fierce autumn storm and then ride very fast very far with the wind in our backs! The date depends on wind forecasts, it will be announced a few days ahead. We need a good storm. It will be a weekend day though. The route depends on the wind direction. If it blows on the south-north axis, a cycling trip along the coast will be much fun. If it blows west-east, v.v., a trip along the rivers will be spectacular. It will in anyway start and end at a train station. Please RSVP now already based on enthusiasm for the plan, so that we get an idea how many people will like to join. The RSVP can always be changed when the date is decided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9rUzIMcZQ "Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter, to me, to me."

24-29 July 2019 | Hiking in the Tatra mountains and Slovak Paradise

John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport


Hello Everyone, let me invite you to an adventure in the Tatra mountains and the Slovak Paradise. If you join this trip, you will see the most beautiful places and visit my most favourite places in these mountains. What are Tatra mountains like? Look at my video on FB: https://goo.gl/Lxbq2j LAST YEAR REVIEWS "Without a doubt, it was an amazing hiking trip! I really had a great time with my hiker friends and Martin!" - LUCIA See more reviews on my website: https://goo.gl/1Lb5fQ TATRA MOUNTAINS - The High Tatras is the smallest mountain range with the alpine character in the world. Even though 26 peaks are higher than 2 500 metres (8 200 ft) and it offers almost everything, as for example the well-known Alps, except the glaciers. SLOVAK PARADISE - On one of the days you will visit also the Slovak Paradise National Park to see and explore a different environment. Hiking in this park is all about climbing ladders, walking on catwalks and bridges past waterfalls and lush vegetation in the park’s remarkable gorges. You can´t be afraid of heights in the Slovak Paradise, because the highest ladders that you have to climb are more than 10 meters high. YOU NEED TO BE REASONABLY FIT TO DO THE HIKES!! Look at the ITINERARY below to see the hikes we plan to do. I will contact you with further info, once you RSVP. PROGRAM DAY 1 - Arrival 16:00 Meeting at the Krakow Airport. Please arrive to the airport before 16:00. 18:30 Arrival to the High Tatras. Briefing DAY 2 – Green Lake Valley Take the cable car to Lake Skalnate, walking towards peak Velka Svistovka. Amazing view from this peak at the Belianske Tatras and the whole Valley of Lake Green. Descend to one of the most beautiful places in Tatra mountains to have a lunch by Lake Green. 18km of walking, 535m ascent, 1300m descent DAY 3 – Peak Koprovsky We will set on the hike to Peak Koprovsky, which is almost 2400 meters high. The view from the top is literally stunning. 20km of walking, 1173m ascent DAY 4 – Slovak Paradise Today you will explore the Slovak Paradise and one of the longest and most popular gorges in the park – Sucha Bela gorge. You can´t be afraid of heights! 17km of walking, 600m ascent DAY 5 – Hike the Velicka Valley Hike to a pretty mountain lake located at the foot of the highest mountain in Slovakia, Gerlachovsky Peak (2655m). 16km of walking, 975m ascent DAY 6 - Departure 9:00 Departure to Krakow Airport. 11:30-12:00 Coming to Krakow Airport NOTE This itinerary may be changed due to group abilities and preferences, weather conditions and forecasts, special events, etc. What is INCLUDED 5x Accommodation in ensuite twin rooms 5x breakfast 1x cable car ticket to Lake Skalnate Guiding by Slovak certified guide Entry fee to national parks Transfer from and to the Krakow airport Transfers within the trip Financial protection according to Slovak Law What is NOT INCLUDED Other entrance fees to the thermal pool and other possible visits Lunches – either at the mountain hut, or prepared by yourself Dinners – possible to try restaurants in the area Travel insurance covering this kind of activity Return flight tickets to Krakow, Poland MEETING POINT ARRIVAL – We will meet at the Krakow airport at 16:00. Please, just book your flight to arrive before 16:00. DEPARTURE - Again there are several possibilities. Choose the flight back after 13:30. We will arrive to the airport at around 11:30-12:00. You can have a look at Ryanair flying from Eindhoven to Krakow. If any of the flights don´t suit you, you can also book a different one. You can visit the town of Krakow, which is really beautiful and spend couple of nights there. You wouldn´t regret. SIGNING UP I will contact you with more info when you RSVP "YES". VISA Please don´t forget to check if you need the Slovak and Polish VISA! TRAVEL INSURANCE Don´t forget, to arrange a travel insurance covering the hiking activities up to 2500 meters

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30 May - 4 June 2019 | Hike, Bike and Raft in and around Tatra Mountains

John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport


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