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On Friday September 15 from 9am – 5pm in RIdgewood, NJ for the full day
Toni Harman,producer of "MICROBIRTH" will present
workshop on the HUMAN MICROBIOME -
which includes CEU’s(ACNM)/CERPS & lunch – $190 ABOUT THE WORKSHOP
Recent science shows that it’s critically important that a baby is exposed to his or her mother’s bacteria during pregnancy, birth & infancy.
This has long-term implications for the baby’s future health & well-being.
But what does this mean?
And how does a mother ‘seed and feed’ her baby’s microbiome?
This practical workshop filled with videos, interactive learning & group exercises
reveals the secrets of the infant microbiome which will help you better support parents
by giving you a full understanding about this cutting-edge research.
In this one day workshop the presenter will guide you through the work of leading scientists in the field of the microbiome.
Your confidence in the science behind the messages will be strengthened
and you will leave with exercises and activities to do with parents.
call 201-349-3688 for more information

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