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This is a group for anyone interested in learning, sharing and discussing all things related to microservices app development including but not limited to GRPC, Linkerd, Envoy, and microservice monitoring tools and strategies. Looking forward to exploring the microservices tech landscape with everybody.

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Micro-frontend: Microservices in Frontend Web & Distributed Tracing with Jaeger

Finally after long holiday, we will meet soon in the third meetup of Microservice JKT/Cloud Native User Group Jakarta. In this talk, we are extending our discussion to the frontend system by discussing the microfrontend architecture and distributed tracing in microservice world. In this meetup, the speaker will present their experiences and opinions about the things that you havent been familiar with yet. #Talk 1: Microfrontends: extending microservices to the frontend, Resi Respati, Frontend Engineer @kata.ai. Resi is TypeScript/JavaScript/Elixir tinkerer. Accidental TypeScript fanboy. He likes talking about web development, video games, and motorsports (sometimes in that order). So, microfrontends. You've heard all about it, you've seen Dan Abramov rant about it on Twitter, but what is it, actually? In this talk, we'll learn (almost) everything you need to know about this brand-new paradigm, how it works under the hood, as well as going through a couple of quick examples. # Talk 2: Distributed Tracing with Jaeger, Zulfa Achsani, Software Engineer @Traveloka Data. Zulfa is Software / Machine Learning Engineer in Traveloka Data Team, and previously worked in one of the biggest marketplace in Indonesia as a Software Engineer specialized in Digital Ads platform. At this talk, he will discuss how to do end-to-end distributed tracing in a microservice architecture system by using Jaeger. Agenda: 18.30 - 19.00 Registration & Check In 19.00 - 19.10 Welcoming & Introduction 19.10 - 19.45 Microfrontends: extending microservices to the frontend 19.45 - 20.20 Distributed Tracing with Jaeger 20.20 - 21.00 Hallway track How to get to the venue: - Go to tower 2 lobby - Exchange your ID card with visitor access card - Go to Traveloka Office on the 2nd floor. July Sponsor: Traveloka.com

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