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The Success and Failure of Moving to a Message-based Application Architecture

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with Jim Christopher, PowerShell MVP

In this session, I'll talk about one of my clients – let's call em “Client O”. Over the last eight months, I’ve been working with Client O to migrate their enterprise software application from a monolithic web service to a loosely-coupled, message-centric architecture based on MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue). The results have been remarkably positive: their processing capacity is currently over 800% of where they started, and they have the ability to scale even higher if necessary. In addition, their error rate has fallen by about 96%. However, alongside these successes are colossal new problems for the organization – specifically, the new highly-dispersed architecture represents a serious challenge for the barebones systems management team.

This session will tell the story of this system-in-flux, and discuss ways to resolve the problems caused by the system’s success. I will include a technical overview of the legacy system and the migration to the queue-based architecture. Specific attention will be given to assumptions in the legacy system that prevented scaling, and how these assumptions were addressed with message queues.

Jim Christopher, Charlotte NC

Jim has over 19 years of professional experience developing complex software projects in highly regulated industries, including education, gaming, and defense. His professional drive is designing software, systems, and user experiences for automation, a theme that has earned him a three-time Microsoft MVP for PowerShell [masked]). Jim is a frequent speaker at technical user groups and conferences. He currently runs a small software business in Charlotte, NC named Code Owls LLC. In the short time the company has been in operation, it has created automation solutions that have saved millions of dollars for clients in public education, IT, and cloud services.