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Machine Learning, AI. New breakthroughs are made every day, continuously pushing the frontier forward. Equally as exciting is the recent progress in bridging the gap between Data Science and Software Engineering. There is no better time to get involved than now.

In this workshop, we will be creating our own custom machine learning model to detect fraudulent transactions. To demonstrate the similarities and differences between a model created in C# and Python, we will be training the same model in:

· ML.NET using Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code

· Jupyter Notebooks (Azure Machine Learning Service) using ScikitLearn/Pandas and Numpy

Attendees will leave the workshop with a thorough understanding of fundamental machine learning concepts and terminology. We will break through the jargon and get some hands-on experience.

Although it is fully possible just to follow along, please make sure to have the following if you would like to participate in the workshop:

- A laptop
- A free Azure subscription
- Visual Studio Code
- .NET Core SDK

Alexander Slotte
Originally from Sweden, Alexander has 10+ years of professional software development experience, solving problems for a wide range of industries. He currently works as a Lead Consultant at Excella, and is the organizer of the .NET DC User group. He thoroughly enjoys speaking at conferences and local Meetups. He is passionate about .NET and cloud development and constantly attempts to push his knowledge on real time data streaming, data science and machine learning. When not coding, you'll find him out running or enjoying a good IPA! Say hi on Twitter @alexslotte!