C#ify Your DevOps with Cake

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Learn to write DevOps logic in a language the whole team can understand and maintain: C#. Run and test locally before compiling, testing, packaging or deploying on the CI server. Increase maintainability, avoid DevOps spaghetti with the power of dependency management. Debug, set breakpoints, get intellisense, and leverage the vast plugin ecosystem available to this mature, powerful, and cross platform DevOps tool.

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Lee is the author of Siren of Shame (http://sirenofshame.com), a USB siren currently monitoring continuous integration builds in over 300 companies in 28 countries across the world. News sites including CodeProject, Visual Studio Magazine, and DevX.com have published nearly two dozen of Lee's technical articles since 2006. He is an avid blogger (http://www.leerichardson.com) with more than 75 posts over the last decade. He has worked in software development in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for the last 20 years and is currently a senior developer at InfernoRed (http://infernored.com) where he is building cross platform iOS and Android applications for the banking industry. You can reach him on twitter @lprichar