Building Software That Recognises You


Are you a developer who is curious how your computer or phone recognise it's you and not your sibling when you try to unlock the device? With the power of Azure artificial intelligence (Cognitive Services) and your existing coding powers, we invite you to join us on a Python Flask Azure journey to build your very own smart app!

You do not need any prior experience with artificial intellgience (AI) to attend this workshop. You are likely someone who is interested in AI, and has ~5 years coding in Python, or another programming language and feel comfortable enough with Python to be able to code in it during the workshop. You should also have experience coding in a local IDE (e.g. VS Code, Visual Studio, Atom, Eclipse). You are interested in learning how to create a web app, deploy it on Azure, and call Azure Cognitive Services to make your app "smarter".

You should bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac) with an Internet browser and a local dev environment. You will be using VS Code and Azure. You should come with VS Code installed and ready to build Python applications. You will need a free Microsoft Account (which only requires an email address) and an Azure subscription to complete this workshop. If you do not yet have an Azure subscription, we recommend signing up for the Free Subscription available at prior to arrival.


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See you soon at the Reactor!