Global Diversity CFP Day


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Are you a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group? Have you always wanted to become a tech conference speaker?

Let 2020 be the year that you make that dream a reality!

On Saturday, January 18th 2020 we will host the third edition of global diversity CFP day at Reactor London. This is following the success of the 2019 event where 81 workshops took place!

There are numerous workshops hosted around the globe encouraging and advising newbie speakers to put together your very first talk proposal and share your own individual perspective on any subject of interest to people in tech.

This workshop will have experienced speakers on hand to:

- give you a warm, inclusive welcome in a safe space (check out our Code of Conduct which all participants must adhere to)
- mentor you with your proposal
- provide speaking advice
- and share their enthusiasm to get you to the stage!

10am Arrival
10:15am Welcome
10:30am Advice video #1: CFP Advice from Raquel Velez and Sarah Mei (20 mins)
10:50am What should I speak about?
11:10am Proposal Writing
11:30am Crafting Your Bio: By Danielle Barnes from @WomenTalkDesign (6 mins)
1:15pm Caring for your audience
1:45pm Advice video #2: Your perfect tech talk from Saron Yitbarek
2:00pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors
2:30pm Advice video: The Art of Slide Design by Melinda Seckington (19 mins)
2:50pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors
3:15pm Advice video #3: Jessica Rose: The day of your talk (14 mins)
3:30pm Attendees present their talk proposal
3:45pm Family Photo and Close