Mini Workshop: Build your 1st Twitter Bot with Azure Serverless & Github actions


What is this session about?
While all developers love to write code, with the wealth of different options available a lot of time can be spent in boring old boilerplate and tasks that don't add value. This session will take you through building your first Twitter bot with Azure Serverless and GitHub Actions. You will discover how these tools free you to write the fun code letting low code/no code serverless tools take the strain for all the boring bits.

Why should I come?
In this session you will learn how to use Logic Apps and Github actions to automate the boring bits of writing a Twitter bot. (No, I didn't say DevOps). It's a code along for building a quick, lightweight, low cost solution.

Who should attend?
You will know enough Node to follow along. But that will be REALLY easy. Basic to advanced skills - all are welcome. You will want to learn how to use low code/no code solutions to get your solution live as quickly as possible focusing in on the code you really want to write.

Equipment/Preparation Required
Attendees should have a basic working knowledge of Node before coming to this workshop. You can code along in other languages but direct help may not be given for this. Please download Visual Studio Code in advance ( and the Azure Functions Extension:
We will also be using GitHub actions, so please set up a GitHub account in advance, and familiarise yourself with the environment. Finally, we will be using Twitter as part of the workshop, so please set an account up on there too, if you don't have one already.

More details on the pre-requisites in the repo here and the steps we will be taking together here:

Phil Harvey, Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Phil is a big beardy data geek who loves working with data and solving interesting data problems. He is especially interested soft skills for technical people in data, empathy, ethics and in the impact of data on what people know and how they know it. Starting his career with a BA in AI, he has worked in a wide range of industries from surveying, to architecture, to advertising, to being the CTO and technical founder of a data start-up. Phil now works at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI in One Commercial Partner.