• Azure Automation Overview

    Microsoft Training Center

    Agenda: Azure Automation helps you automate time-consuming management tasks across your cloud and on-premises environments. This service couples languages you already know, PowerShell and Python, with a powerful interface that helps you launch, schedule and monitor your automated processes. In this session, we will position Azure Automation within the ever-widening catalog of Azure services and explore what are its best uses cases. Then we will deep-dive into the Runbooks, State Configuration and Update Management features and look at how they can help you automate, deploy and patch. Throughout the course of this session, I will jump into the portal as well as some code to demonstrate real-world scenarios. Speaker Bio: Mr. Gilbert is a Technical Architect at AIS with approximately 15 years of professional experience in network & systems engineering. Most recently, Fabien has been busy helping enterprise customers on their journey to the cloud designing, planning and implementing complex Azure IaaS and PaaS platforms. Note: Snacks and drinks will be provided. New Parking Guidance: To be provided later.