Building global applications for availability and scalability in Azure


Agenda: Running an application in production is different from that in development. With cloud based deployment, building multi-region applications for serving customers closer to them is possible.

In this session, we will showcase how to build a large application in Azure for high availability, resiliency and scalability. We will walk you thru the transformation of an application from a development stack to production. Design patterns for redundancy, high availability, DR load leveling etc. will be discussed. Also, we will discuss traffic management and CDN for multi region deployment.

Main products that will be covered are Azure Font Door, Application Services, Service Bus, Containers, Data Replication etc.

Speaker Bio: Jay Kumar is a Sr. Cloud Solution Architect, who specializes on App and Infra at Microsoft and he possesses 15+ years of industry experience in software development, enterprise architecture, infrastructure development on-premise and on the cloud, DevOps, software delivery and operations, consulting and program management. As a trusted adviser to clients, Jay has helped customers understand the cloud concepts provide guidance for digital transformation, application modernization and cloud migration.