• Zero-Click Analytics - Embedded BI , Not only Dashboards.

    As a software company looking to improve your overall offer, you constantly make build/buy decisions. Analytics has become a “must have” element to any world-class application, and if you are like most tech companies, you’ve chosen to OEM your analytics layer versus build it yourself. You seek a modern, open and complete platform that delivers low cost of ownership and operational agility. Microstrategy also understands your requirement to deliver a compelling analytics experience… simple, intuitive and easy to use. AND you know that analytics if it's effectively presented and packaged, will drive far broader adoption of your overall offer, which will drive your growth. The MSTR 2019 platform is ideally suited to deliver mass adoption through Hyperintelligence with ZERO Click analytics. Insights find the user - versus the other way around. Join us for this roundtable discussion where you will uncover how MicroStrategy can equip your product with powerful analytics and mobility solutions that help your customers succeed and stay ahead of the game. 09:30-10:00 – Gathering 10:00-10:30 – Meet Microstrategy 2019 – Ilan Spiegel Territory manager 10:30-10:45 – Microstrategy 2019 In practice - live demonstration – Dan Cohen – Sales engineer 10:45-11:15 – Break, sandwiches&mingling 11:15-11:45 – MSTR embedded analytics the technology behind the magic – Antoine Issaly - Solutions Architect 11:45-12:15 – Use case and customer story – Bob Sharman - Vice President, Worldwide OEM 12:15-12:30 – Q&A