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Great Falls! Billy Goat 'B' and 'C': A 6 Mile Hike with Rock Scramble

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Great Falls: Billy Goat Trail Section 'B' and 'C'

An Easy Side of Moderate 6 Miles

This is the version of Billy Goat that is great for those looking for the great views and some rock scrambling but don't care much for heights! Billy Goat 'A' can be overwhelmingly high up there for some, so come on out and join us for a much less crowded but just as much fun adventure that still has some adventurous scrambling.

This hike contains some rock scrambling so come on out and climb the boulders with us for good times! Billy Goat Section 'C' has rock scrambles while the trail 'B' is a most scenic trail that provides breathtaking views of the river and all of its majesty. What is rock scrambling you might ask? Anytime you have to use your hands to get over rocks or steep parts, we call it rock scrambling and there is a little of that on this short hike. No special gear is necessary for scrambling and the scramble is only a portion of the hike!!

The Billy Goat 'C' and 'B' sections are traveled nowhere near as much as the 'A' section. Although the overall rating for this hike is “moderate” it is mostly easy, relatively flat walking. The increase in the rating comes from several rock scrambles that have to be negotiated. Parts of the trail can be quite rocky and, after periods of heavy rain, other sections can be muddy. Good hiking boots are recommended for this hike. Unlike the A section, dogs are allowed on the 'C' and 'B' sections. Make sure he is trail worthy. He’ll have to do the same rock scrambles as you do so keep that in mind.

Pace Options

We break down into groups no larger than 15 hikers per leader/sweep team for a more enjoyable experience for all of us and is better for the environment as well. Large groups really take away from the hiking experience. This also allows us to offer a variety of hike paces and for this particular hike you have 3 to choose from which allows you to be put together with those of a similar pace. so you will not rushed or slowed down and can hike what is comfy for you. Paces should be not only based on your preference but your ability needs to be taken into consideration.

Pace Option 1: There is not a pace one option for this hike.
Pace Option 2: A Moderate pace of approx. 2.5mph.
Pace Option 3: A Fast paced group approx. 3.0mph.

Trail Information
Nearby City: Potomac, MD
Scenery: Mather Gorge and Great Falls from the Maryland Side
Distance: About a 6 mile round trip including the jaunt on the towpath in one of it's most beautiful stretches.
Elevation Gain: 200 ft (although there is not a lot of gain, a portion of this hike requires some bouldering and seems more difficult)
Hike Time: 3-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate due to scramble

Trail Condition: OK, but a few difficult spots since there is some rock scrambling, but not as much as Billy Goat 'A'.
Hike Type: Dumbbell circuit

Weather Information
We hike rain or shine! Click here to see an up to the minute forecast (,%20MD&lwsa=WeatherLocalUndeclared&from=searchbox_typeahead) for where we will be hiking if you want to keep an eye on the forecast for the trail.

Carpool Information

There are 2 carpools for this hike!

Baltimore Area Carpool
To carpool from the Baltimore area, please meetup at Savage Station. Click here for directions ( to Savage Station.

Annapolis Area Carpool

To carpool or caravan from the Annapolis area, meetup at the Harbour Center Mall Starbucks. Click here for Annapolis carpool ( directions for getting to the carpool location. Use the comment section to discuss carpooling with other members.

If you can drive or want to carpool from additional locations, please post your location in the comment section below. Click here for suggested carpool locations ( complete with directions. For those who need a ride, reach out to the drivers. Make friends, and support the environment - by just offering a ride!

Directions to the Trailhead

Click Here for Directions ( for Where we Meet for this Hike

Hike Meetup Time is 8:30 a.m.

Savage Station Carpool meetup time is 7:45 a.m.

Annapolis Carpool meetup time is 7:30 a.m.

Gear Information
Click here for suggestions ( for what to wear and what not to wear for our hikes.

Please remember we are a social hiking group that values fellowship and camaraderie and practice good hike etiquette ( We take breaks as necessary and have at least one guide in the front in addition to a "sweeper" in the back which means that no hiker is left behind. If you get upset because someone has to rest at the top of a hill etc. then find another group! We are very supportive, encouraging, and focus on safety while getting or staying fit on the trail and practicing Leave No Trace ( outdoor ethics.
Fido is welcome on this hike!

Let's have good times and see you on the trail and don't forget to take the hike leader(s) number with you just in case!

Ted W.: 443.844.0350

Robert: 703.732.8493