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Well in a little under a month 2014 will be here. I can’t believe what has happened over the last year and I want to thank every member who has made this club what it is. Each event I hear laughter and conversations between people who might have never met if not for this food club. People prepare meals with love and want to share with other members they might have just met. On almost every occasion I have been approached by members and thanked for starting this club. This club has meant so much for so many different members and I want to tell you what it has meant to me.

When I started the food club in 2012 I had many challenges I was facing. My 17 year relationship had ended at the same time my mother had very unexpectedly past away. Four days after I moved into a new house and 1 year and 4 days after my mother had passed away I chose to take a chance and start the club. I, like many members, lost so many things in my life and was looking to connect with others that loved food. What I found has been incredible. I found lifelong friends that have supported when I thought I was alone. I found people who were as excited about food as I was. But most importantly I found myself and for that I thank each and every one of you. I have started to become who I have always wanted to be, who I knew I could be. This club has supported in the past and I know it will in the future.And I hope I do the same for you. There are new cool events that are coming up in 2014. Here is a preview of what’s happening for the first couple of months.

1. We will continue with our monthly tastings and food shares. January’s tasting will be chocolate and the food share will be hosted by Carman.

2. We will have a NEW hands-on cooking class. Darren, one of our lifelong members will be teaching one simple Indian lunch each session. You will make your lunch and go home with spices and a recipe to practice. The first class is January 11th where you will make chicken curry, naan bread and rice.

3. I will be teaching three community education classes for the Holt community Center. My first class will be a mustard making and tasting and will be held on January 28th. I will supply homemade pretzels to taste different mustards and everyone will go home with a sample of homemade, stone ground mustard we make in class.

4. I have decided to branch out and offer even more cooking/canning/baking/ food swapping/homesteading classes. I will be launching the endeavor very soon and hopefully I will be able to bring more cooking classes to the Lansing area. I am working feverously and hope to have more information before the first of the year.

I hope I get to see each and every one of you before 2014 but if I don’t, I hope you have a great holiday season and thank you for being a part of the food club.


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