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    L♡V€ LIF€ IN CHIC∆G0 & €DiFiC€, ∆ F∆SHI☆N STYLIST IN CHI, L∆ & MI∆MI, PRG∆L, 90's D€TR★iT TV P€R§0N∆LIT¥/M∆TCHM∆K€R💑∆LW∆¥§ ∆ L€∆D€R👑,N0T ∆ F0LL₩€R
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    Been eating since, well...I can't remember. (wink)
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    Hi, I love trying new restaurants and other food experiences. MMFC is a wonderful, diverse group of individuals. I recently became an organizer and it has been a lot of fun.
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    Hi! My name is Darren and I been a member of this group since nearby its inception. It has literally changed my life! I love to cook, eat, and learn new things about food. And now I have found a group that feels the same. It is truly great!