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This is a group for anyone who does water-only fasting (tea and/or coffee okay) for periods of at least 24 hours or is interested in fasting of this nature for anti-aging and/or to help manage health challenges. Let's support each other on our fasting journeys and break the fast together. This group is not run by a physician and makes no medical representations---long fasts can be dangerous for some and this group makes no representations regarding the safety of this practice. This is a group for mutual support and the sharing of information only. So see your doctor before you attempt any long fast, especially if you have never done it before or if you have a health condition. Looking forward to meeting others who have already started fasting or are interested in embarking on this journey. This group is not primarily for those interested in weight loss or various other forms of time-restricted eating (although weight loss is certainly one very legitimate goal and reason to explore fasting). I am hoping to build a group of scientifically-minded people interested in the various established benefits of fasting such as autophagy, mitophagy and reduction of senescent cells from the body--health-science geeky types or those interested in the truly fascinating and exciting recent scientific discoveries in this area of science and human health.

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