What we're about

Purpose - A Meetup group for volleyball players who want to meet up and play competitive beach volleyball. We only play DOUBLES ( 2 v 2 ) format. Seeking players that have played competitive volleyball for 5 or more years. This group is not meant for beginners or recreational level players.

Format - Doubles / 2 v 2 only.

Locations - Rutgers (New Brunswick) / Freehold

Level - Competitive. BB level or "advanced-intermediate" and above. Please watch the video below to see the minimum playing level that I am speaking of. Please watch to at least 1 minute 30 seconds.


Major skill requirements - When receiving a serve you must be able to deliver a good pass to the setter. The pass does not have to be precise, but it does need to be within an easy reach for the setter. You are not asked to give perfect passes every time, but it should be good passes MOST of the time.

In the video the players carried out very few hand sets, hard spikes or big blocks, but they had enough playing ability and physical stamina running around on the sand to keep a rally going. That is the minimum level of attributes that the members of this group should possess.

If you have any doubt about your ability to play at the level asked for above and what is shown in the video then this group is not right for you.

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