How to Change “Reality” Using NLP

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Would you like to learn more about how to change your or someone else’s state of mind in an instant?

Or subtly change their mental perspective (Internal Representation) on a situation quickly with just your words?

Or . . . what about this . . . would you like to move someone into and out of Waking Trance . . . just by asking them questions — and knowing the right questions to ask to do this?

Would you like to know the right questions to ask to, for example, move them out of their “Problem Trance” into a “Solution Trance”?

Come to this Monday night’s Meetup to learn more about how to do these.

At this Meetup, we will learn more about and practice:

* Anchoring — to change states quickly
* Presuppositions — to create new Internal Representations (I/Rs) quickly, with words alone
* Hierarchy of Ideas — how to ask questions to move someone out of their current Undesirable State (Problem Trance) into a Desirable State (Solution Trance)

Just think of all the many ways that you will be able to use these skills, to improve your life and the lives of others around you.

This promises to be another night of even more FUN Edutainment! The more of these you attend, the more your are going to have fun.

We will have fun by experimenting with these NLP techniques in an enjoyable way to learn the valuable of skills of Anchoring, identifying and creating Presuppositions, and the Hierarchy of Ideas.

These skills will lay the foundation that you need to grow even further in your NLP skills to learn and apply techniques — that we will be talking about in coming weeks — like Hypnotic Language Patterns , Metaphor Design, and the famous NLP Meta Model.

I promise you will both learn and laugh at this Meetup.

Looking forward to seeing you there!