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This is a social group aimed at making you happy

Welcome, I am Autumn Aldous a therapist and life coach and will be placing mindfulness sessions and self development workshops om each week as well as a whole host of other stuff

Whatever makes you happier then I would like to have an event placed on her for to allow it to happen (as long as its legal !)

Music, spoken word, dancing, laughter yoga, inspirational events, mindfulness, meals out, meeting others Law of Attraction.......
If you would like to host an event...suggest it and I will put it on here.
“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn

look forward to meeting you xx

Upcoming events (5+)

How to Love Yourself And Others, A Workshop

In this workshop, we'll go explore the proven methods of being gentle with oneself and learning to love yourself so that you can love others. More specifically we'll go over the importance of small positive changes that you can easily implement in for a better life. We'll go over the research and practice in a safe, inclusive environment and have fun in the process. Take charge of your life this fall and make positive changes with positive psychology. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on what makes people happy. All studies are evidence-based and rooted in scientific research. It encourages people to make the best choices in their current situation. Benefits of Positive Psychology and a Positive Mindset - Increased optimism - Less depression - Increased resilience - Better immune system - Better coping skills - Builds physical, social, and creative skills - Increased success in achieving goals Cost of workshop £7 If you have trouble finding us please phone me on[masked]

Master Your Fears and Fulfill Your Potential

The Slug and Lettuce

Do you ever feel like you are living beneath your potential? Have you achieved a lot but it just doesn’t feel like enough? Do you wish you could have more impact in your life? Is fear holding you back from your true potential? Greatness resides inside of you. It is who you would be if you didn’t put lots of obstacles in your own way like caring too much what people think, not being true to yourself and holding back because of fear. Would you like to ……. Increase your motivation and passion for life. Have more focus and direction. Improve your confidence and self-belief. Give yourself strategies to make decisions faster. Give yourself skills to stay calm every day and cope with anxiety, guilt and fear. Learn how to make positive changes in your life and create balance. Enhance your assertiveness skills enabling you to say what you really want. Encouragement to believe that you can live your life your way. Help to find direction, purpose, passion and enthusiasm. Help to be motivated to realise your true potential and let your true self-shine. This workshop will show you how to release your fears and allow you to reach your full potential Cost of workshop £7 (payable on the night) We meet in the upstairs function room of the pub. If you have trouble finding us, please phone me on[masked] Autumn

Dealing with loneliness | The Secret To Not Being Alone a Workshop

• What we'll do Have you had the experience of feeling lonely, like there is no one around and no one to talk to, as you sink into a state of sadness or anxiety that you fear you will never get over? Does such a feeling overwhelm you at times? If you've had such feelings of loneliness, you are far from alone. Loneliness is one of the most common, if unpleasant emotions that millions of people experience. For some, it may be a passing emotion. For others, it’s a recurring sense of desperation and sadness. But for all of us, it is part of being human. This workshop will show you ways to "How to Deal with Loneliness:" So Never Feel Lonely Again Cost just £7 We meet in the upstairs function room of the pub If you have trouble finding us please contact me on[masked] • What to bring • Important to know

Gain Confidence. Change Your Life Workshop


Benefits of this Life Changing Session An immediate boost to your confidence levels. Be assertive & stand up for yourself. Stop self-doubt holding you back. Overcome nerves & worries. Make an impact & get people to listen to you. Come across calmly when you disagree with someone. Achieve more in your life by seizing opportunities. Bring more focus to your life & feel in control. Look & feel confident when you meet new people. Feel equal to others and have self-belief. Understand how people see you. Take more control by Saying No assertively. Be happy to come out of your comfort zone. Only £7 Autumn[masked]

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