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I started this group because I am a post-diet survivor who has kept the weight off, but I am increasingly bummed that so many get-togethers focus on great non-diet food and drink. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to eat great food and the appropriate adult beverages that go with it, but lets face it, those meals are most often 1500-2000 calories or more. I've been on lots of GREAT meetups at restaurants, picnics and concerts with a variety of Meetup groups, and I want to continue to go to these once in a while and maintain all the friends I've made-YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME. I just know my limits and weaknesses, and I turn down a lot of meet-ups because I know I will get myself into trouble. Who wants to eat a $12 plate of lettuce while others eat all kinds of meaty, cheesy, bready, saucy kind of stuff and a couple of glasses of wine or beer and all you get is a diet drink? :(

I'm envisioning a group that's aimed at eating, yes, but in more supportive ways. Going to restaurants that have less caloric options, pot lucks with healthy foods, and just in general getting together, sharing tips and recipes, making friends, and maintaining a healthier "us". I'd also schedule walk, hikes, pickleball, frisbee, kayaking or anything else that gets us moving around in fun and different ways. I'm not giving an age range, but I am middle aged, and it gets harder and harder to keep the wright off but anyone who has struggled or just wants to maintain is welcome to join.

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