What we're about

Our goal is to provide YOUR FAMILY the best training, coaching, and education when it comes to your child's sporting developmental years. To help them reach their best potential they must learn how to:

1-Play the game (travel and rec practices)
2-Use the skills to win in their chosen sport (sport skill dev)
3-Play through contact instead of getting shoved around and hurt on the field (conditioning)
4-Become FAST so they can leave the competition in the dust and win (speed training)
5-Simplify how to eat and fuel their body (nutritional coaching and education)

***We will cover only points 3-5

***This group is for families that want their son or daughter to WIN. WIN by building the work ethic, heart, leadership, and unrelenting grind to earn the W. This group is NOT for the following:

1. Parents who think their kids deserve playing time without proving their worth on the field/courts.
2. Parents who think rules don't apply to them or their kid's behavior on sports fields.
3. Parents who consistently team hop because they aren't "happy" with how they are treated.
4. Parents who have more reasons why their kid should be on the team than results to show they should be on the team.

We will hone your child's physical and mental development through the following:

1. Conditioning the mind and body to push through
2. Speed and Strength Training
3. Skyrocket their confidence through helping them believe in themselves

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