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So because I realized drinking wine alone on a Saturday night makes me feel like an alcoholic so I figured it was time to meet more people in Atlanta. I had a group in Wilmington, NC and met some of my best friends from that group and I'm looking forward to doing the same here. So far the group has been very successful. I try to keep the group small so that you can start to see people regularly rather than a large group with a ton of people at events. Most activities will be in Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Inman Park, or Buckhead. Won't venture OTP very often. I love more chill bars where you can move around but I also love to dance at times -but not into clubs.

The ladies who should join this group are looking to have fun, social, non judgmental and just ready to have some great adventures.

Some things we will do: mostly drink wine ...not really, we may switch to mimosas on brunch days as mimosas are the best way to review weekend adventures while possibly hungover. But in all seriousness, if you don't enjoy a good glass of wine or cold beverage you won't love this group. We will do active/productive activities as well- as I know I'm working on my adulting right now. I love any suggestions as well!

Advice for attending events:

Check out the profiles of the other members attending. This will help you know who to look for, as well as find the people in your neighborhood and those that you have things in common with.

It's important you fill out your profile- these are my questions, not meetups.

If reservations are made they will be under my name. If they aren't I will give a meeting place if I know the venue. If I don't I will comment once I get there on where I am and what I'm wearing.

The reason for dues and how they will work:

$5 dues will be initiated after a 60 day trial. These dues are to make sure that the group only contains active members and will hopefully reduce the amount of no-shows and long waitlists for events to allow those really interested the ability to get a spot. I pay $20 a month- $240 a year to have this group, along with a lot of time looking and planning events.

After your 60 day trial, Once you attend 4 events your dues will be waived. I still hold the right to remove you if you no-show to 2 events, as the concept of the dues is to prevent this. I don't count no-shows if it's an event you had to buy a ticket for or happy hours as long as you let me know you won't be coming 30 minutes before. I know stuff can happen during the week. Brunches have gone from 18 people RSVP'd and waitlisted to 3-4 people actually showing. This had made restaurants, members who wanted to go but didn't get off the waitlist until 1 hour before the event as well as members who are there to meet people frustrated. I understand that there are months that you are crazy busy but showing you're invested with $5 helps me see who really want to meet people and who just want to join the group and RSVP but never attend.

If you stop attending events for 60 days dues will no longer be exempt (unless you contact me about traveling/crazy work months which can happen to us all). Remember- if you found your "people" and are doing things outside the group there's no hard feelings if you remove yourself.

Rules (these are common courtesy but surprisingly I must state this):

It is extremely difficult to try to make over 100 females happy- but these guidelines are more just being respectful of others.

1. 2 no shows and you will be removed from the group- I understand things come up so a no-show to me is not changing your RSVP the day before or not messaging me that something came up the day of at least 30 minutes before. If reservations are involved please try to let me know in advance. We have a huge issue with people RSVPing for things that have a limit and a waitlist and not showing up.

2. If reservations have been made and you change your RSVP same day it will be counted as a no-show. This happens repeatedly and is hard when restaurants won't sit until the entire party is present. you still need to eat when hungover as well. This happens at brunch a lot.. Make sure you check the waitlist the morning of so that you're not counted as a no show.

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