What we're about

This is a skiing carpool group for Copper and Winter Park

Please know that I am not a mountain guide, and cannot take the responsibility of acting as one. Each participant must know his/her own fitness level, and predetermine if they are ready for the trip.

Please be prepared to be self-sufficient on the trail in the event that we should be separated. I do not want to be rude, but the pace of the hike will not be determined by its slowest member, as it may in other groups.

It is important to read and possibly print the trail and driving descriptions, so that you know what to expect.

Verbal and pictorial descriptions for these and other popular trails in Colorado can be found on many websites such as protrails.com, alltrails.com, and 14ers.com.

Please check the weather for the trip in advance & pack accordingly. (I never leave home without a hat & gloves!)

I will be happy to meet a park and ride in advance so that we can arrange carpooling. The group will wait for 15 minutes from the meeting time prior to departing for the trail head. Please bring some cash with you to donate to the driver of your carpool.

Please bring your 10 essentials on each hike:

1. Map (it is possible that you could get lost, there is very little cell reception in the wilderness)

2. Compass (or compass app on smart phone)

3. Extra clothing (wicking materials, non-cotton , be prepared for wet feet and rain)

4. Headlamp/flashlight

5. First aid supplies

6. Lighter/matches

7. Sunglasses/sunscreen

8. Extra food

9. Extra water

10. Knife

I created this group because I want love the outdoors and would like to meet others looking for a similar type of hike. I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

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Mary Jane Winter Park

Wooly Mammoth Park and Ride

Mary Jane Winter Park

Wooly Mammoth parking lot BB, across from Conoco, exit 259 from I70


Wooly Mammoth Parking lot

Winter Park

Wooly Mammoth parking lot BB, across from Conoco, exit 259 from I70

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