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High Divide Loop (Olympic National Park) 2 Nights

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Aug 9 update: weather looks to be good! We will come out Wed now rather than staying at Sol Duc 4 as people need to get back that day.

Reserved (and paid for!) a party of six for three nights on the High Divide/Sol Duc loop. Often people drop at the last minute so a space is likely to open up. If you're interested, please add yourself to the waitlist - first come first served. You're welcome to overnight at my house to save yourself time in the ferry line, driving to my house; then to the trailhead.

Note: This is not a beginner's trip. It will be strenuous. All efforts are made to be safe all the time, but there are never guarantees with outdoor activities. I have not visited this area before either so I am not an expert/professional guide. I have lifelong experience hiking and backpacking, however.

*Alternate Meeting Location: Wilderness Information Center (WIC) - not sure if you can park there 3 nights or not, though. We have to pick up permits there. Check the time just before the event as I'm not sure exactly when we'd get to the WIC.

Updated April 22: The way to reserve a spot has changed so I have submitted a request for six people for the above dates. These dates have now been confirmed. We cannot change the dates in case of rain so we'd just have to see how it shakes out. I would appreciate your paying your share of this. It costs $5 admin fee and then $2 per person per night = $41. I paid in advance for six people and would appreciate if everyone shares the cost equally even if some people end up dropping out. We can always add more to the permit if more want to go, but I didn't want to take a chance on not getting spaces reserved for us as it's a popular destination. The plan for the first night is Lunch Lake, second night Heart Lake; third night Sol Duc 4.

First day: Pick up permits from WIC in P.A. 8 miles to Lunch Lake; explore the 7 Lakes Basin

Second day: 3 miles to Heart Lake with detour of 3 miles to Hoh Lake (leave packs at junction); set up camp at Heart; then walk out a couple of miles on the High Divide as it heads out to Cat Peak area.

Third day: hiking out - canceling Sol Duc 4 overnight as it's only about 8 miles and all downhill to get out.

Costs: your share of reservation/permit fee; share gas to trailhead - we should fit into two cars - I have a pass to get us in for free for the parking part of it - at least for my car. I hope someone else has one. (My car engine is toast as of Aug 8 so I don't have a vehicle and need a ride!)

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