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Exploring Hemp Oil CBD "Action Habits" & Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Sharing successful protocols of “CBD Action Habits” from yourself, a loved, a cherished enemy or a wellness practitioner! MILD HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (M-HOT) IN PORTLAND M-HOT has been shown to: • Aid pre and post surgery recovery • Promote sports injury healing • Ease migraine headaches • Reduce Chronic / Acute *Pre-Existing conditions *Nagging Pain *Daily Discomfort WHAT / HOW CAN Mild HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY DO? Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment works with your body’s own healing systems to naturally optimize your bodies health. M-HMOT works by delivering more oxygen from blood plasma circulation to severely stressed tissues, which is an important element aiding the body’s health & healing process. FIND OUT MORE how and why M-HOT works, plus about services and products at TriOasis. ( TriOasis ( 5520 SW Macadam Ave, Ste 150 Portland, OR 97239 Call Today to Schedule Your Session[masked] Hours Monday 12pm – 6pm Tuesday 9am – 5pm Wednesday 9am – 5pm Thursday 9am – 5pm, Community Acupuncture 5pm – 8:30pm Friday 9am – 3pm extended hours by appointment

TriOasis Wellness Centers

5520 Southwest Macadam Avenue Suite 150 · Portland , OR

What we're about

MHOT, an opportunity to learn about a positive options that are available before & after the AMA & Pharmageddon run our of options for Re-Defining Living Normally with:


>Brain Injuries


>Epilepsy -



> Wound Healing and other AMA unsolved health issues!

MHOT is not morphine, not a one and done approach. MHOT is about stimulating and supporting the body's immune system back into action to it's optimal ability. We will explore health issues that have been shown to respond to MHOT. As well as the logical amount of sessions needed to get results.

We will explore complimentary modalities. Some that can be done simultaneously with MHOT, immediately pre and post. Many that can be done at home.

Everyone has a loved one or even a cherished enemy that has been told, "Well we can double up on the pain masking, then some where down the road surgery. That is the best we (AMA / Pharmageddon) can do. So you will just have to live with it."

Let's explore if it is true or not for yourself, a loved one or even a cherished enemy.

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