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Opinions wanted! Help with the production of a Colorado Based Horror Film

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Get involved with the pre-production of the film RUDE AWAKENING, a horror film that will be shot in and around the Denver / Colorado Springs area. Here is the concept:

Awakening after a century-long sleep, a vampire-like being with seemingly supernatural powers leverages our vampire-crazed culture to spread his twisted gospel and establish his kind as the dominant species on our planet. Standing in his way is a skeptical cop and the tools of modern forensic science.

We need help testing out our marketing ideas, log lines, and poster concepts, as well as a few other titles under consideration. The idea is to present these ideas to you, our target audience - science fiction, horror and vampire film fans. We all know that the vampire genre has been mined extensively over the last few years, and we are attempting to create a film that stands the vampire genre on its head. Please help us fine tune our concept and offer your input!

From writer / director / composer John Schuermann:
Right now I am in post production on "Creep!", a feature film about the making of "The Creeping Terror" ( (, where I am handling sound design and music scoring duties. As "Creep!" finishes up post-production, I am gearing up pre-production on "Rude Awakening" with the intention to shoot late this year / early next year. Anyone interested in the world of independent film production is welcome to join us, as in addition to sharing our concepts, I will be presenting information on what it takes to get an independent film financed and off the ground. We are also looking for people willing to help out with production or social marketing tasks over the next year.