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Golden & S Table Mesa Loop! (7 Miles / Half Day)

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We have a fun and (shorter) walking trip taking place in beautiful and historic Golden, Colorado. We'll shoot up to the top of this beautiful table mesa overlooking the Denver horizon. There are calm and reflective paths taking us up and around the top of the mesa. It's a great space to clear the mind, heart and body. We will make our way back down the mesa and finish as we walk through the main thoroughfare of Golden. It can be cooler and windier up there (especially in Winter), so please come prepared with plenty of layers to make sure you're comfortable!

- Mileage: 7

- Difficulty: Intermediate - We will be hiking (for 15 minutes) up to the top of S Table. It's relatively easy and flat once we're at the top; however, the initial hike is intermediate as there is possible light scrambling to get to the top. Please come mentally prepared to hike. (NOTE: All of these walks are considered 'advanced walking' based on their length. If you have concerns about your ability, please feel free to contact me at email address below!)

- Terrain: (Residential/Trail/Open Space) Paved, gravel, and dirt.

- Schedule & Meeting Location: We will meet at 8:45am at Higher Grounds Coffee House and we'll talk through Walk2Connect goals, answer any questions and to lightly warm up. We will leave NO LATER than 9:00AM.

- Parking: There will be plenty of parking on the streets a few blocks from the coffee house.

- Dog Friendly! Please consider if you plan to join us for lunch afterwards and if your dog will be okay left in the car.

- Weather: We are in the Winter season, so please come prepared with enough layers in case we do run into a storm.

- Breaks, Restrooms & Lunch: There will be opportunities to use the restroom at the beginning of the walk and at the end. There are no restrooms on the South Table. We have the option of eating lunch together at a local cafe / restaurant after our walking trip.

- Meetup Fee I've decided to charge a very small fee of $5/each for our Meetup walking trips. These are to cover Meetup membership fees and trip planning time / costs. Included in the fee will be a small snack and printed route map for everyone participating. Walk2Connect is now a full-time business and we're excited about ALL of our walking opportunities. Please sign-up for our emails ( and check back to our trip schedule on our main website ( for other walking trips on the calendar.

- **NEW LIABILITY WAIVER: Visit the 'Files' section of the Walk2Connect page (located in the 'more' section) to download the Walk2Connect Liability Waiver form if you haven't already. Please read, print and sign the Walk2Connect Liability Waiver form and bring it to the walk. - Thank you!

- Can't make it the whole way? (or you're unsure): Please plan to have someone available to pick you up if you don't think you can go the whole way; however, you will be surprised at what your body can do!

Consider Bringing:

- Comfortable socks (pref. NON cotton socks!)

- Sturdy shoes (not loose and not too tight / pref hiking or cross-training shoes)

- Light backpack w/water and snack foods (almonds, bars, fruit)

- Gloves, scarf, beanie

- Camera

- Sunglasses & Sunscreen (and hat if you wear them)

- Bring many (thinner) layers depending on anticipated temperature and light rain gear just in case. I would avoid big/bulky winter coats as you will warm up once we walk and its way easier to shed/store light clothing.

These walks are very informal and give us all unique opportunities to connect with one another, ourselves and our surroundings.



Feel free to contact me at: / 303.908.0076