• Idaho City Yurts Wood Cutting

    Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation

    Here are the latest details of the Idaho City Yurt Maintenance Project: See details below: ANNUAL VOLUNTEER WEEK AND THANK YOU BBQ & Potluck July 8th thru July 13th, 2019 It is now time to sign up for the Annual Volunteer Week and thank you BBQ and potluck. We have multiple projects to do at each of the yurts and I will NEED help to do it all. Projects will include deep-cleaning, light repair, cleaning stoves, sealing floors, painting decks, trail clearing, yard work, etc. I will have rounds of wood at the yurts for splitting and filling the wood sheds. We will meet at Headquarters each morning and leave by 8 a.m. sharp! And return each night by 5pm. If you need a ride, please contact me as soon as possible so I can make those arrangements. You will not be required to be in the field all week so if one day is better than another, feel free to sign up just for that day or the days you are available. I am still fine-tuning the projects specifics at each of the yurts and you will only do what you feel comfortable doing but if I get a big crew, we may just split up in the field knocking off more projects. We will be ending the week with a big bang! Saturday, July 13th at 5:00 p.m. we will meet at Banner Ridge for a BBQ potluck and games. Along with hamburgers and hotdogs and some chips, I will provide water and soda (if you’d like something more interesting please feel free to bring it (byob)). Please bring a favorite side dish with you. If you are interested in joining us during the week of July 8th thru 13th, please email me so that I can get a headcount for the how much hamburger and hotdogs to buy. PS: I have most of the yurts closed all week so if someone is interested in “adopting that yurt” and spending the night, I will need you to get ahold of me for more details. . I hope you can find time to come as I really look forward to seeing, working and hanging out with you all. Thank you DeEtta Petersen Idaho City Backcountry Yurt Coordinator IDAHO DEPT OF PARKS AND RECREATION 5657 Warm Springs Avenue | Boise, ID 83716 tel (208)[masked] | mobile (208)[masked]

  • CANCELLED----ATV ride and Hike to Sleeping Deer Lookout, Backpack to Shower Bath

    THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF ACCESS--- Plan for a few days in the Frank Church Wilderness the week of July 4, 2019. My goal is the Sleeping Deer Lookout located about 25 miles into the wilderness on a Jeep/ATV cherry stem road. I’ll be riding my ATV to the trailhead for the Lookout on the first day and camping overnight. Along the way on the ride into Sleeping Deer we’ll detour up to the Twin Peaks Lookout then further along we’ll hike up to the destroyed Fly Creek Lookout site. The next morning we’ll hike about 1.5 miles with around 600’ of gain to the Sleeping Deer Lookout. We’ll break camp upon our return from the Lookout and return to near the Fly Creek Lookout to the trailhead for the Shower Bath Hot Springs. Those interested can backpack down to the Hot Springs for a soak and camp nearby overnight. See following links for more information about the Shower Bath Hot Springs. https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/idaho/fly-creek-point-to-shower-bath-hot-springs http://www.idahohotsprings.com/destinations/shower_bath/index.htm Those that don’t want to Backpack to the hot springs can either camp someplace near the Fly Creek Lookout Site or continue on back out of the Wilderness. I rode from near Challis out and back in one day and was unable to really take in all the scenery and hit the side trails I saw along the way. It is really a days ride into the Sleeping Deer Trail Head and another days ride back out so plan on about 4 days plus driving time to Challis. I wouldn’t recommend anything other than a Jeep or ATV for this outing as the road is a little narrow and very rocky in some sections. I’ll be putting actual dates out as the time grows closer since if we have a big snow year July 4th may still not be passable.

  • Imogene lake hike.

    Gas Station in Stanley

    Your safety and preparedness is your responsibility. Hike to Imogene lake from the upper trailhead. The road to the upper trailhead is the worst I’ve seen it. I’ll be riding my atv there. HIGH clearance truck can make it but I won’t take mine. You can hike from the lower trailhead but it adds 2 or 3 miles each way. There will be snow up high and probably muddy conditions along hell roaring lake.

  • Long-ish hike....to Boise Peak

    Corrals Trailhead Parking

    I will leave from the Corrals Parking/Trail Head at 0800, then to the Hard Guy trail, Eagleson Summit and Boise Peak. Not sure if all the snow is gone off Boise Peak, but if we hit snow and post hole then will turn around. It is about a 9 mile walk to Boise Peak. I do not expect to be going super fast, just want to spend the day walking. If you would like to join me, I will see you at the Corrals TH. It should be a super hike and a super view from Boise Peak (actually the view from the very top of Boise Peak is not that good because the view is obstructed by trees). The climb is not super steep, about 3300 feet in elevation. I will not take my dog......she will be super disappointed but this walk is too long for her.

  • Pittsburg Landing Work Party---Information Only

    Pittsburg Campground

    Information Item Only: The Hells Canyon Recreation Collaborative is having work parties on two weekends this year at Pittsburg Landing. If you would like to participate, please contact Kelli Rossalini. I will post here contact number in the comments below. If someone in the Milestone Hiking Club (or any other hiking club for that matter) wishes to participate in the work party ----and---- host/plan the event as a meetup (possible potluck and hike on Sunday, etc.) please feel free to do so. Pittsburg Landing is a great camping site that need attention and sadly the work most likely will not get done unless it is accomplished by volunteers. The work can be fun and rewarding, get to socialize with other, and get and outing. I would also like to add that Hells Canyon Recreation Collaborative has a FB site and I think I have shared the work party event on Fb. Please feel free to do so to get the word out to the hiking community. Wally Kimball

  • Cancelled---GPS Practice Course---Cancelled

    Initial Point

    I just talked with Wayne and Lorrie...They were at Station One and there was a rattlesnake lurking around there........ So...... We need to cancel this event...I will go and pull the canisters very soon. A GPS Field Course of five stations has been laid out near Initial Point. Each Station has a blue plastic canister containing the navigational points (Lat/Long) to the next station. The purpose of the course is to practice inputting navigational points into your GPS, traveling to that location, using different position formats and map datums. Each participant can travel and practice the course at their own leisure/schedule. You will need to know how to change the Position Format of the Lat/Long descriptions and know how to change the Map Datum as each of the stations are presented differently. Station One Navigational points are N 43 Degrees 22 Minutes 13.21 Seconds. W 116 Degrees 23 Minutes 50.04 Seconds. Once Station One is located, the blue plastic canister contains the Navigational points for Number Two, etc. The total course length is about 2 miles. Station Number One is within 1/2 mile of the road to Initial Point. Initial Point lies just off the Swan Falls road, south of Kuna. The Road to Initial Point can be muddy, but was in good condition to within one half mile of Initial Point on March 9. I plan to leave the canisters in place until the end of April. You can travel the course at your convenience. Please comment below if you travel the course so I can tell if the course is getting use and the condition (are the canisters in place, etc.?) When the course is no longer used I will retrieve the canisters. Also, please call me if you have questions regarding the course. Wally Kimball[masked]

  • Gooding Little City of Rocks


    We will leave Albertson's (Federal Way) parking lot (near the Taco Del Mar) at 08:57am and drive to the trailhead of Little City of Rocks, spend a few hours walking the area, then return to Boise around 5 p.m. I expect the drive to the trailhead will be about 2 hours. If you need to return by a specific time, please confirm with your driver. Following is a link to a description of the area. I have never been there before so will just wander the area and check out the rock formations. The following is very well written and very descriptive, so I will not duplicate, please read. https://www.itstartedoutdoors.com/little-city-of-rocks-gooding-idaho/ This should be a link to the trailhead location and here are Navigation Coordinates to the TH. https://www.google.com/maps/place/43%C2%B007'11.7%22N+114%C2%B040'58.3%22W/@43.1200345,-114.9630252,10z/data=!4m13!1m6!3m5!1s0x54ab8c630f8be99d:0x1cb18b60ad46bbec!2sLittle+City+of+Rocks!8m2!3d43.11953!4d-114.683125!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d43.1199137!4d-114.6828461 Questions? Call me[masked]. Will take my dog and have room for two more in my vehicle.

  • GPS Practice Course----Initial Point

    Initial Point

    I will be in the Initial Point area on Saturday morning if anyone wishes to meet me there and walk the GPS Course and test your GPS skills. I plan to be at Initial Point at 0930. It will take about 2 hours to walk the course. Please let me know by signing up RSVP. Call me at[masked] if you have any questions.

  • Bown's Creek


    We will hike in the Bown's Creek area (it was new to me until just a few weeks ago). The trail head, if you can call it that, is about 45 minutes from Boise on the "Main" Oregon Trail. We will hike off trail (using game trails etc) in the foothills of above Blacks Creek. The Idea on this walk is to get some distance, although not toooooo fast....and not too highhhhhh.... Gonna try for about 10 miles and about 2000 elevation. We shall see..... The terrain is fairly easy, but with a few rock formations to break the boredom. No Poison Ivy here....probably no ticks, and very few rattlers..... just loads of fun! Bring lunch...wind breakers (it is spring in the Idaho foothills). I will see about taking my dog, but this is a good one for dogs....

  • Jump Creek

    Lowe's Home Improvement

    Will hike in the Jump Creek area. This is an off-trail route that climbs from the Jump Creek Falls Parking Lot up to the ridge line then down into Jump Creek. We will then walk up Jump Creek for a ways....not sure how far.....If all goes well we may see a rock formation that some say looks like a face..... Not sure yet if I will take my dog because there can be issues: Ticks: haven't heard yet if they are out and about, but I expect so.... Rattlesnakes: the same. have heard of a few snakes out so if a warm sunny day we need to keep our eyes and ears pealed..... Poison Ivy.....it should have leaved out by now and could be a problem for those that are sensitive. We will meet at Lowe's parking lot corner of Overland and Meridain near the garden sheds and leave at 0900. Return around 1700 (that' 5 pm)